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Diagnosing Your Shoulder Condition

Your Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine physician will assess your shoulder condition through:

  1. A medical history of the problem that covers any injuries; frequency, duration, and severity of pain or limitations; and any previous treatment you've received
  2. A physical evaluation to assess your shoulder's range of motion, strength, and stability, as well as any swelling or deformity
  3. Diagnostic tests that may include X-rays, computerized tomography (CT scan), and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Diagnosing your condition may also require an arthroscopic procedure, in which the surgeon makes a tiny incision and inserts a camera that delivers images from the inside of the shoulder joint.

The physicians at Houston Methodist treat a wide range of shoulder conditions, including:

» Acromioclavicular Joint Separation
» Adhesive Capsulitis
» Artificial Joint Replacement of the Shoulder
» Biceps Rupture
» Biceps Tendonitis
» Calcific Tendonitis of the Shoulder
» Cuff (Rotator) Tear Arthropathy
» Impingement Syndrome
» Labral Tears
» Osteoarthritis of the Acromioclavicular Joint
» Osteonecrosis of the Humeral Head

» Quadrilateral Space Syndrome
» Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
» Rotator Cuff Tears
» Shoulder Anatomy
» Shoulder Arthroscopy
» Shoulder Dislocations
» Shoulder Instability
» Snapping Scapula Syndrome
» Sternoclavicular Joint Problems
» Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
» Weightlifter's Shoulder

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Planning Your Treatment

While some mild shoulder injuries can be treated with rest, physical therapy, and/or anti-inflammatory medications, many more severe conditions will likely require surgery. Fortunately, your team at Houston Methodist offers some of the most advanced minimally invasive approaches available.

For many years, open surgery was the only option for repairing shoulder damage. In recent years, minimally invasive arthroscopic approaches have allowed surgeons to effectively treat shoulder conditions with just a few small incisions, significantly reducing recovery time.

The surgeons of Houston Methodist have helped to pioneer many of the treatments for shoulder pain and dysfunction. Whether it comes to an arthroscopic repair or advanced shoulder reconstruction, they understand the complexities of the shoulder and know how to get you back in the game.

minimally invasive endoscopy and arthroscopy for shoulder conditions, as well as complex limb preservation, joint reconstruction, and total joint replacement (arthroplasty).

Recovery and Wellness

Following surgery, your shoulder may need to stay in a sling or a brace as you begin to recover. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication and may also recommend ice packs for the first few days following your procedure.

To help you recover strength and range of motion in your shoulder, your doctor may also recommend physical therapy. If so, make sure to keep all appointments with your therapist and perform any home exercises that are assigned to you.

When your recovery is complete, your surgeon and your physical therapist will give you advice on how to care for your shoulder and to avoid re-injuring the joint.

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Meet Our Shoulder Specialists

Texas Medical Center

William J. "Bill" Bryan, M.D.
Joshua Harris, M.D.
Patrick McCulloch, M.D.
Bruce Moseley, M.D.


Mark Franklin, M.D.
Joshua Harris, M.D.
David Lintner, M.D.

Houston Sports Park (HSP)/Dynamo Training Facility

Patrick McCulloch, M.D.

Sugar Land

David Braunreiter, M.D. (primary care)
D. Dean Dominy, M.D.*
Carl A. Hicks, M.D.
Jeffrey A. Kozak, D.O.
Mark Maffet, M.D.*
Eddie T. Matsu, M.D.
Vincent C. Phan, M.D.*
Kenneth M. Renney, M.D. (primary care)
Timothy C. Sitter, M.D.*
Christopher K. Smith, M.D.


William J. "Bill" Bryan, M.D.
David Lintner, M.D.
Patrick McCulloch, M.D.

West Houston/Katy

Winfield Campbell, M.D.
D. Dean Dominy, M.D.*
Christopher K. Smith, M.D.


Bruce Moseley, M.D.
Scott Rand, M.D. (primary care)

Physicians marked with an asterisk (*) are fellowship-trained in the field of shoulder surgery.

To schedule an appointment with one of our shoulder specialists, visit the Request an Appointment page or contact us.

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