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Kenia Hamilton

Kenia came to see Dr. Christian Schupp for a routine check up. She was also concerned about her weight and the fatigue that she felt for her age. She already had two children and hoped to have more but was concerned about keeping up with them. Together they discussed her activity level and how they could achieve better health and restore energy.

In primary care sports medicine at Willowbrook, Dr. Schupp focuses on being a doctor for the athlete over their whole career. He also works with active people who need to establish a plan over the course of their life - adapting to the changes in their lives.

In developing a plan for Kenia, Dr. Schupp focused on something she enjoyed - jogging. So a plan that included jogging was developed.

Primary care sports medicine specialists train people on ways to stay active and reach their personal health goals. Able to take care of a variety of injuries and conditions, they often work with patients to address general concerns like that of Kenia.

"With Dr. Schupp's advice and support I'm really excited about my future."

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