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Marilynn Kendall

Marilynn was having pain when she walked and relying more frequently on a cane or other assistance to avoid falling. Unwilling to continue in this way she came to see Dr. Travis Hanson.

Suffering from ankle arthritis but not interested in a fusion that might limit her movement, they discussed a total ankle replacement. She was active and wanted to stay this way.

While fusions were once the "gold standard" and provided pain relief. They limited joint function. Today a total ankle replacement, which entails placing a metal cap on the top of the joint and one on the bottom of the joint with a plastic spacer in between, is able to preserve joint function. By preserving motion, less strain is placed on the adjacent joints - therefore leading to less arthritis down the road.

Her good health and desire to maintain an active lifestyle made her a good candidate for total ankle replacement.

"I'm now able to walk without a cane or assistance and hope to stay that way."

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