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09/24/2013 | Results of Double-Door Laminoplasty for Neck Pain
05/29/2013 | Important Way to Compare Results Between Disc Replacement and Fusion
05/13/2013 | Swan Neck Deformity of the Cervical Spine
04/10/2013 | Neck Fusion: Is It Worth the Price?
02/28/2013 | Five-Year Results Comparing Disc Replacement with Fusion
01/23/2013 | Concerns After Fusion or Nonfusion in the Cervical Spine
11/20/2012 | Can You Really Get Normal Spinal Motion After a Total Disc Replacement?
11/20/2012 | Studies Come Up Short Comparing Surgical Treatment for Cervical Disc Disease
08/23/2012 | Exercises for Neck Pain
07/25/2012 | Trigger Points as Pain Generators in Chronic Whiplash
07/10/2012 | Rate of Reoperation After Cervical Fusion
06/14/2012 | The Benefit of Supervised Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain
06/14/2012 | Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy Should Try ESI Before Surgery
05/17/2012 | Factors Other Than Fusion or Disc Replacement Determine Risk of Adjacent Disease
03/15/2012 | Fear of Movement, Pain, and Disability After Whiplash Injuries
01/18/2012 | Is Early Treatment Making Whiplash Injuries Worse?
01/18/2012 | What Is the Best Exercise for Whiplash?
01/18/2012 | When Whiplash Causes Chronic Pain
01/18/2012 | Reason For Chronic Neck Pain After Whiplash Finally Confirmed
12/21/2011 | Best Way to Treat Cervical Radiculopathy
12/15/2011 | Taking a Closer Look at Neck Motion After Fusion Versus Disc Replacement
09/21/2011 | Effects of Manipulating the Midback on the Neck
08/31/2011 | Difficulty Swallowing After Neck Surgery
07/28/2011 | One Advantage of Cervical Disc Replacement Over Spinal Fusion
07/13/2011 | Caution: Chronic Pain After Whiplash Injuries Doesn't Equal Fibromyalgia
06/30/2011 | Predicting Chronic Stinger Syndrome
06/15/2011 | Computer Aided Design Used to Study Cervical Artificial Disc Replacements
06/15/2011 | Early Results with New Disc Replacement for the Cervical Spine
05/26/2011 | What Happens To Patients with Neck Instability from Rheumatoid Arthritis?
05/26/2011 | Long-Term Results of Cervical Spine Disc Replacement
03/24/2011 | New Clinical Practice Guidelines for Spinal Compression Fractures
02/10/2011 | Performance of Plate-Only Laminoplasty
02/10/2011 | Treatment Guidelines for Cervical Radiculopathy
01/12/2011 | Can Disc Replacements in the Cervical Spine Prevent Further Disc Disease?
12/29/2010 | A New Look at Neck Pain
11/17/2010 | What Does the Research Show About Results with Disc Replacement for the Neck?
10/28/2010 | Advances in the Surgical Treatment of Brachial Plexus Injuries
09/22/2010 | Disc Replacement for the Neck: Does It Really DO Anything?
08/12/2010 | Effect of Changes Over Time on Trends in Neck Fusion
08/12/2010 | Heterotopic Ossification Higher Than Expected with Artificial Disc Replacement
06/22/2010 | Soft or Hard Neck Collar: Which One Should You Use and When?
05/20/2010 | Behavior Programs No Different in Treating Chronic Neck Pain
05/20/2010 | More Study Needed for Cervical Spine Injury in Elderly
03/25/2010 | Results of Laminoplasty for Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Comparable to Other Procedures
03/17/2010 | Long-Term Benefits of Cervical Artificial Disc Technology Now Available
01/20/2010 | Serious Problems Can Occur After Surgery for Odontoid Fractures
12/31/2009 | Understanding Cervical Spine Movement in Gender and Age
12/31/2009 | Recovery After Cervical Laminoplasty for Cervical Compression Myelopathy
12/31/2009 | Causes of Failed Neck Surgery
11/12/2009 | A Possible Solution to the Problem of Metal Plates in Neck Fusion
10/29/2009 | Pitfalls of Cervical Disc Replacement
09/24/2009 | New Classification System Takes the Guesswork Out of Treatment Planning For Neck Injuries
08/20/2009 | Off-Label Use of Bone Substitute Causes Serious Problems
08/13/2009 | What Happens to People with Cervical Myelopathy?
07/23/2009 | Treatment for Cervical Radiculopathy: Skip the Traction
06/11/2009 | Use of Halo Vest for Neck Injuries Based on Age
06/11/2009 | How To Reduce Frequency and Severity of Migraine Headaches
05/28/2009 | Don't Rely on Signs of Cord Compression to Make the Diagnosis
05/21/2009 | Prognosis Following Whiplash Injury
05/21/2009 | Widening the Spinal Canal to Manage Cervical Myelopathy
03/18/2009 | Stingers On and Off the Field: What To Do and When To Do It
02/19/2009 | Two Key Predictors of Work Disability After Whiplash Injury
01/28/2009 | Nationwide Study of Multilevel Cervical Fusion
01/28/2009 | Patient History After Car Accident Doesn't Match Up With Medical Records
01/22/2009 | Easy Ten-Second Step Test Can Help Assess Severity of Cervical Myelopathy
01/22/2009 | Cervical Collars Not Necessarily Helpful After Single-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion with Plate
01/22/2009 | Scientific Evidence for Physical Therapy to Treat Neck Pain
12/31/2008 | Avoiding Adverse Events Associated with Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery
12/11/2008 | Putting An End to Chronic Pain After Whiplash Injury
11/20/2008 | What Causes Chronic Pain From a Whiplash Injury?
11/20/2008 | Impairment-Based Physical Therapy Program for Neck Pain
11/20/2008 | The Effect of Hidden Beliefs on PostWhiplash Syndrome
11/13/2008 | Generalized Hypoesthesia Occurs After Acute Whiplash
11/13/2008 | Neck Fusion: Which Way Do We Go?
10/23/2008 | The Influence of Spinal Stenosis on Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy
09/18/2008 | Grade II Whiplash and Cervical Radiculopathy Similar in Presentation
09/11/2008 | Recovery From Acute Whiplash
08/28/2008 | Hoffmann Sign: Red Flag for Cervical Myelopathy
08/28/2008 | Cervical Medial Branch Blocks for Chronic Cervical Facet Joint Pain
08/21/2008 | Update on Adjacent Level Disease After Cervical Spine Fusion
07/30/2008 | New Trigger Point Findings in Whiplash Patients
07/24/2008 | Whiplash Injuries Are Worse When the Head is Turned
07/24/2008 | Risk of Vertebral Artery Injury in Cervical Spine Surgery
07/16/2008 | When Can Chiropractic Care Help Neck Pain?
05/22/2008 | Single-level Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Without Plate or Cervical Collar
05/15/2008 | Rare Case of Brown-Sèquard Syndrome From Cervical Disc Herniation
04/18/2008 | A Literature Review of Cervical Facet Joint Dysfunction
04/18/2008 | Development of Late Whiplash Syndrome
03/24/2008 | Studies Lacking in Understanding of Late Whiplash Syndrome
03/20/2008 | Best Treatment Practice for Chronic Neck Pain
03/20/2008 | Systematic Review of Neck Pain Assessment
03/20/2008 | Results of Surgery and Injections for Neck Pain
03/20/2008 | What's the Best Treatment for Neck Pain?
03/13/2008 | Change in Attitude and Beliefs About Neck Pain Needed
03/13/2008 | How Do We Know What Is the Best Evidence on Treatment of Neck Pain?
03/13/2008 | A New Model for the Onset, Course, and Care of Neck Pain
03/13/2008 | Overview of the Bone and Joint Decade Task Force Findings
03/13/2008 | What to Expect When Recovering from a Whiplash-Associated Disorder
03/13/2008 | Comparing Treatment Programs for Back Pain Based on Cost Savings
01/31/2008 | Age One Factor Associated with Decline in Cervical Range of Motion
01/24/2008 | Trigger Point Injection with BOTOX
01/17/2008 | Treatment for Whiplash With Botulinum-toxin A Appears Promising; More Study Needed
01/17/2008 | Review of Cervical Laminaplasty
01/10/2008 | Two-Year Results of Cervical Artificial Disc Versus Fusion
12/27/2007 | Effect of Repairing Versus Preserving Muscles During Laminoplasty
12/13/2007 | Fixation Rather Than Fusion of Hangman's Fracture Now Possible
12/13/2007 | Crowned Dens Syndrome More Common than Previously Thought, Say Researchers
11/28/2007 | Normal, Fused, and Disc Replacement Cervical Spine
11/28/2007 | Plate Thickness as a Cause of Dysphasia
11/28/2007 | New Link Between Chiari Malformation and Connective Tissue Disorders
11/15/2007 | Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer Demonstrates Lower Neck Muscle Strength in Women
10/25/2007 | Microinjuries During Cervical Spine Fusion
10/18/2007 | Predicting Results of Physical Therapy Treatment For Neck Pain
10/11/2007 | Need for More Research on Chronic Whiplash
09/27/2007 | Results of ProDisc-C Disc Replacement after One-Year
09/27/2007 | First Five Cases of Human-to-Human Disc Transplantation
08/30/2007 | Problems Swallowing and Talking After Cervical Decompression
08/16/2007 | MRI Results Predict Surgical Outcome for Cervical Myelopathy
06/21/2007 | Prevalence of Memory, Concentration, and Attention Problems After Whiplash Not Predicted Through Testing
06/13/2007 | Stop Movement in Cervical Spine to Prevent Further Neurologic Symptoms
04/26/2007 | No Correlation Found Between Magnitude of Injury and Incidence of Whiplash
03/29/2007 | Pain and Disability Measures for Whiplash
03/22/2007 | Report of Adverse Effects from Using rh-BMP-2 in Neck Fusion
03/15/2007 | Exercise Helps Pain from Chronic Whiplash
03/15/2007 | Review of Rare Cervical Spine Tumors
03/15/2007 | Cervical Spine Outcomes Questionnaire
02/22/2007 | A Rare Case of Dropped Head Syndrome
02/22/2007 | Effects of Acupuncture on Neck Pain
01/25/2007 | A Case of Longus Colli Muscle Tendinitis
01/25/2007 | Low Rate of Same- and Adjacent-Segment Disease After Cervical Foraminotomy
01/18/2007 | Pain Interrupts Attention and Activities
01/18/2007 | Update on Surgery for Cervical Flexion in Ankylosing Spondylitis
12/21/2006 | Surgeon's Guide to Corpectomy
12/21/2006 | Conservative Care for Cervical Spine Myelopathy
12/21/2006 | Laminectomy and Spinal Fusion to Treat Cervical Myelopathy
12/21/2006 | Diagnosing Cervical Myelopathy
12/21/2006 | Multiple Cervical Discectomy For Cervical Myelopathy
12/21/2006 | Acupuncture Safe and Effective for Neck Pain
12/14/2006 | Bone Graft Substitute Causes Swelling in Anterior Neck Fusion
11/16/2006 | PT Treatment Dosage Based on Classification for Neck Pain Patients
10/26/2006 | Physical Therapists Measure Reliability of Neck Testing
10/26/2006 | Effects of Cervical Fusion on Facet Joints
08/31/2006 | Radiation May Be All That's Needed for Cervical Spine Metastase
07/27/2006 | Total Neck Motion as a Measure of Treatment Success
06/22/2006 | First Report Ever on Bone Spurs Causing Breathing to Stop
06/22/2006 | Radiofrequency Acceptable Treatment for Chronic Whiplash Disorders
06/15/2006 | Predicting Two or Three Year Outcome of Whiplash Injury
06/15/2006 | New System to Classify Neck Injuries
05/11/2006 | Fusion Rate 100 Percent With Expandable Cages for Cervical Spine
05/11/2006 | ACDF Failure: Next Step -- Anterior Revision or Posterior Fusion?
04/20/2006 | Reports of Severe Mountain Bike Injuries: Cervical Spine
04/20/2006 | New 3-D Image Method for Cervical Spine Surgery
03/21/2006 | Death After Diving Accidents Common
02/28/2006 | Is There a Gold Standard for Cervical Fusion?
01/19/2006 | Whiplash Symptoms Come From Increased Joint Motion
01/19/2006 | Results of New Absorbable Plate for Neck Fusion
12/13/2005 | Results of Posterior Neck Fusion After Anterior Neck Fusion
12/13/2005 | When That Pain in the Neck is Rheumatoid Arthritis
12/12/2005 | Disc Replacement After Cervical Fusion
10/20/2005 | Cervical Spine Fusion Without a Hospital Stay
09/29/2005 | Tender Spots Common with Cervical Radiculopathy
07/19/2005 | Not all Results after Neck Surgery are Equal
07/12/2005 | Artificial Disc Replacement for Cervical Spine
06/28/2005 | Physical Therapy and Chronic Neck Pain
04/22/2005 | Ongoing Neck Pain after Whiplash Injury
04/22/2005 | Nerve Damage after Anterior Neck Surgery
04/22/2005 | Female Athletes Shake It Up
04/21/2005 | Making Sense of Cervical Myelopathy
04/21/2005 | Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain Sufferers
12/14/2004 | Researchers Dig Deep to Find Cause of Neck Pain
12/14/2004 | Acute Neck Whiplash: Who Ya Gonna Call?
09/20/2004 | Exercise, the Needed Ingredient for Neck Treatment
09/20/2004 | Effect of Muscle Activity on Neck Pain after Whiplash
05/12/2004 | The Eroding Link after Cervical Spine Fusion
05/12/2004 | Balancing Chronic Whiplash Injuries with Posturography
05/12/2004 | New Test Flies in the Face of Whiplash Patients
05/12/2004 | Fear and Neck Pain after Car Crashes
03/31/2004 | Using Restraint to Avoid Neck Injury in Auto Accidents
03/31/2004 | Engineers Simulate Whiplash Injury and Study Results
03/31/2004 | Headers Can Lead to Spine Degeneration over Time
03/31/2004 | Computer Guidance for Spine Surgeons during Neck Fusion
03/15/2004 | Taking Position after Whiplash
03/15/2004 | Blaming Neck Problems on Posture
03/15/2004 | Rare Case of Epidural Abscess Reported
03/15/2004 | Looking Up and Down the Spinal Column after Cervical Corpectomy
11/30/2003 | Middle Cervical Spine Spotlighted in Whiplash Injuries
11/11/2003 | Doctors Navigate in Surgery Using Computers
10/12/2003 | Testing the Way Whiplash Patients Walk
10/12/2003 | Cervical Corpectomy Is Not a Military Rank
10/12/2003 | Artificial Discs for the Neck
07/30/2003 | A New Type of Kink in the Neck
07/30/2003 | Testing Joint Motion before Neck Manipulation
07/30/2003 | Putting the Screws to Upper Neck Fusion
07/30/2003 | Back to the Future for Neck Surgery
07/30/2003 | Crystal Ball for Best Neck Fusion Result
07/30/2003 | New Joint Fusion System for Upper Neck Problems
01/30/2003 | Tobacco Works against Successful Neck Fusion
01/30/2003 | Healing Hands Help Headaches
01/30/2003 | Physical Therapists Are Radiant about Test Results for Neck Pain
12/20/2002 | Grabbing Work-Related Disability by the Neck
11/19/2002 | Going for the Throat to Reduce Complications after Neck Fusion
10/31/2002 | Neck Hurt? That Is the Question
10/29/2002 | Surgeons Bring Relief for Headaches that Start in the Neck
10/29/2002 | No Muscle Backlash after Whiplash
10/22/2002 | Workers Compensation Patients Have a Greater Pain in the Neck
09/26/2002 | Hazard: Necks on the Loose
09/26/2002 | Headache? Take Two and Call Me in the Morning
09/18/2002 | A Knack for Nicking Neck Nerves
06/25/2002 | A New Doorway to Relieve Cervical Myelopathy
05/20/2002 | Sweating through Neck and Shoulder Pain: Exercise Scores Again!
04/11/2002 | The Link between Work and Neck Pain in Teens
04/11/2002 | Eyes in the Back of Your Neck?
03/13/2002 | Big Neck Bones, Small Spinal Canals: Japanese Men Have It Bad
03/12/2002 | Putting a Whip on Treatment Guidelines for Whiplash Injury
01/16/2002 | Head-Turning Research: Whiplash Reduces Neck Movement
12/12/2001 | Sayonara Neck Surgery: Conservative Treatment May Suffice in Some Cases
10/30/2001 | Surgeon's Toolbox: New Hardware for Neck Surgery
10/30/2001 | The Leg Bone's Connected to the--Neck Bone? The Success of a Surgical Technique
06/26/2001 | To Play or Not to Play? Doctors Have Different Opinions
05/14/2001 | Still Clueless about Whiplash
02/21/2001 | Neck Burners and Stingers: Getting to the Nerve Root of the Problem
02/21/2001 | Affirmative Nod in Favor of Active Treatments for Chronic Neck Pain
02/21/2001 | Neck Postures May Pose Risk of Brain Attack at the Hair Salon
00/00/0000 | Right or Left? Neck Surgeons Don't Have to Choose Sides
00/00/0000 | Quest for the Artificial Disc
00/00/0000 | For Neck Problems, One Wrong Turn Often Leads to Another
00/00/0000 | The Effect of Smoking on Neck Surgery: It's Not Just Smoke and Mirrors
00/00/0000 | Whiplash Won't "Whip" You for Long
00/00/0000 | Sidelining Football Players with Headaches
00/00/0000 | MRI Is Not a Fortune Teller
00/00/0000 | Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? Linking Psychosocial Work Factors and Neck Pain
00/00/0000 | Car Crash Testing Is Not Just for Dummies
00/00/0000 | Leaving Dummies in the Dust: Computer Technology Speeds Whiplash Research
00/00/0000 | A Kink in Chiropractic: No One Knows Why Neck Manipulation May Lead to Stroke
00/00/0000 | Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? Working toward an Understanding of Neck/Shoulder Pain
00/00/0000 | Finding the Right Treatment Combinations for Neck Pain
00/00/0000 | Confronting Neck Pain to Know When Surgery Can Help
00/00/0000 | Enlarging the Treatment Options for Cervical Myelopathy
00/00/0000 | Young and Restless with a Neck Ache
00/00/0000 | Spinal Cord in a Pinch
00/00/0000 | Head-Turning News about Neck Motion
00/00/0000 | Updated Criteria for Returning Players to Sport after Neck Injury
00/00/0000 | Loose Screws Rattle Patients' Neck Cages
00/00/0000 | Comparing Bone Substitute to the Real Thing for Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | A Vote for Doing Select Neck Surgeries through the Back of the Neck
00/00/0000 | Empty Cage Implant for Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | Whiplash Testing with the Element of Surprise
00/00/0000 | Coping is the Key to Whiplash Injury
00/00/0000 | Neck Pain? Watch it Dye on Fluoroscopy
00/00/0000 | Neck Fusion: What Methods Work Best?
00/00/0000 | Physical Therapists Take a Stab at Nerve Pain
00/00/0000 | Recovery after Disc Surgery in the Neck
00/00/0000 | Early or Late Treatment for Whiplash Injury?
00/00/0000 | 3-D View of Pedicle Screws after Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | Three-Dimensional View of Pedicle Screws after Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | Hidden Dangers of Titanium Cages Used in Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | Unusual Problem after a Cervical Spine Fusion
00/00/0000 | Expect the Unexpected with Deltoid Muscle Paralysis
00/00/0000 | Warning Issued about Stand-Alone Cervical Cages
00/00/0000 | Relief after Release for Neck and Headache Pain
00/00/0000 | Neck Ligaments on a Collision Course
00/00/0000 | Predicting Disc Disease after Neck Fusion
00/00/0000 | Ball-and-Socket Disc Implant Restores Neck Motion
00/00/0000 | Adding Up Symptoms after Chiropractic Care
00/00/0000 | Atypical Neck Motion After Whiplash
00/00/0000 | Eight Cases of Spinal Infection
00/00/0000 | SF-36 Not Advised for Cervical Spine Surgical Patients
00/00/0000 | Acupuncture Good Choice for Chronic Neck Pain
00/00/0000 | Reviewing Causes and Treatment of Neck Pain
00/00/0000 | Managing Neck Pain With Exercise in Office Workers
00/00/0000 | Ossification Is Not a Problem After Disc Replacement
00/00/0000 | Neck Pain Common Reason for Doctor Visits
00/00/0000 | Whiplash Recovery Faster with Individual Care
00/00/0000 | Age and Cervical Myelopathy Are Risk Factors for Problems After Surgery
00/00/0000 | Alternative Graft Site for Cervical Spine Fusion
00/00/0000 | Best Way to Treat Osteoblastoma of the Cervical Spine
00/00/0000 | Measuring Recovery After Whiplash
00/00/0000 | Posterior Neck Muscles Take Burden of Rear-End Impact Resulting in Whiplash
00/00/0000 | Tests to Use When Measuring Treatment Results with Chronic Whiplash Patients
00/00/0000 | Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy Appears Effective in Treating Certain Cervical Disc Injuries
00/00/0000 | Review of Treatment for Cervical Radiculopathy
00/00/0000 | Improving Results of Cervical Epidural Injections
00/00/0000 | Supervised Exercise Therapy for Neck Pain May Help Pain, Range of Motion
00/00/0000 | How Safe Is Chiropractic Manipulation of the Neck?
00/00/0000 | Effect of Foramen Magnum Decompression on Neck Motion
00/00/0000 | Review of Chronic Whiplash
00/00/0000 | Awareness of Potential Complications with Anterior Cervical Discectomy Allows for Successful Management
00/00/0000 | Study on Reducing Neck and Arm Pain in Computer Workers
00/00/0000 | Improving Anterior Cervical Fusion Rates with Locking Plates
00/00/0000 | Predicting Treatment Results for Cervical Radiculopathy
00/00/0000 | Endoscopic Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)
00/00/0000 | Psychological Factors May Play Small Role in Chronic Whiplash Pain
00/00/0000 | Fusion of Odontoid Nonunion Fractures
00/00/0000 | A Literature Review of Cervical Facet Joint Dysfunction
00/00/0000 | Exercises For Neck and Shoulder Pain
00/00/0000 | Case Report of Torn Ligament in Whiplash Associated Disorder
00/00/0000 | Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion with PEEK Spacer and Sponge Impregnated with Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenic Protein-2.
00/00/0000 | Electrophysiological Evaluation of Syringomyelia
00/00/0000 | Measuring Neck Pain After Whiplash
00/00/0000 | Hoffmann Sign More Prevalent Than Babinski Sign in Less Severe Neurological Deficits from Cervical Myelopathy
00/00/0000 | Cervical Total Disc Replacement or Fusion - Criteria
00/00/0000 | Treatment of Severe Brachial Plexus Injuries
00/00/0000 | Non-specific neck pain, predicting what therapy works.
00/00/0000 | Physical Therapists Rethink Effect of Scapula on Neck Motion
00/00/0000 | Conservative Care for Neck Fractures in Older Adults
00/00/0000 | Timing of Surgery for Patients with Cervical OPLL
00/00/0000 | Massage: Popular Treatment for Neck Pain. Is It Effective?
00/00/0000 | New Test to Rate Severity of Cervical Myelopathy
00/00/0000 | Effects of Spinal Fusion on Adjacent Segments Over Time
00/00/0000 | Three Rare Cases of Cervical Spondylolysis
00/00/0000 | Surgeons From Mayo Clinic Offer Update on Nerve Injuries to the Arm
00/00/0000 | New Hybrid Technique Used to Correct Problems From a Previous Cervical Laminectomy
00/00/0000 | Report on Disc Replacements for the Cervical Spine
00/00/0000 | Expert Panel Advises on Return-to-Play for Athletes with Neck Injuries
00/00/0000 | Is Your Head Screwed On Straight?
00/00/0000 | Neck and Throat Problems from DISH Not as Rare as Once Thought
00/00/0000 | Surgeon Finds Better Way to Treat Nerve Avulsion Injuries
00/00/0000 | Chinese Weigh in on Cervical Disc Replacement Versus Fusion
00/00/0000 | What's Happening with Cervical Disc Replacements?
00/00/0000 | Results of Three Different Surgical Techniques for Cervical Spine Fusion
00/00/0000 | Cervical Fractures in Older Adults with DISH
00/00/0000 | What's the Latest on Cervical Spine (Neck) Disc Replacement?

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